Background music for video


A lot of things a prehistoric man could do – and he could take a stick in his hand to reach a banana and defeat a mammoth on occasion. Yes, you never know what else. But uploading his own video to YouTube, endlessly viewing other people’s downloaded videos, not to mention the use of extremely expressive vocabulary to compose his own unique comments on these videos, certainly could not. A bleak sight …


And it’s all the more joyless, because there wasn’t even any kind of background music for video. And this is some one hundred and sixty million years ago …


Even five hundred thousand years ago, those musical forms that so delighted all representatives of the human race and so penetrated into all spheres from ordinary life that they became practically inseparable from the general process of life, cannot be called background music for video even with a very big stretch. Luminaries of scientists call it prehistoric, not background music for the video. And you can’t argue with that.


Thirty-five thousand years ago, we would have already had at least a flute. It’s not enough, of course, to create background music for video, but, in extreme cases, we could do it. It is a pity that at that time this amazingly useful video hosting did not exist yet.


But if humanity wants to get background music for a video, it will relentlessly strive for it. Trying again and again, approaching this question this way and that, four thousand years ago, someone in the vicinity of Nippur, having plopped into wet clay and seeing a clear imprint on it, realized that a tablet could be made of this and written on it something. And the music too.


The ancient Egyptians, all free from the construction of the pyramids and the mummification of the pharaohs, worked tirelessly in this direction, actively using all available flutes and harps.


The ancient Greeks also did not stand aside. Finding harmonic patterns between pitch and numerical values tradition attributes to Pythagoras.


The ascetic fingers of the Roman Catholic Church picked up this baton of the movement of mankind towards the creation of background music for video, thereby serving as a kind of unifying beginning, under the auspices of which the whole variety of different musical styles blossomed in the Middle Ages. Did the best musical minds of the Middle Ages think about how happy all future users of background music for video would be, without exception? Who knows … In any case, they had a special role to become an instrument of providence, so to speak.


Slowly, extremely slowly, the movement was going in the direction we needed, but still it was going. And finally, the phenomenon of the world’s long-awaited resource has come to pass. A new historical era proclaimed itself on April 23, two thousand and five, with a small walk in the zoo. It happens – someone just looks at the animals, and someone next to him shoots an eighteen-second video and thereby goes down in history. And thanks to him, now any of us, those who used to just wander sadly from point A to point B, can shoot any amount of our own video material, accompany it with background music for video and put everything received on this unique video hosting.


Many do so. And not only, but also make good money at these shows. Video hosting is happy to provide this opportunity to anyone over the age of eighteen and having a thousand subscribers.


Countless background music libraries are at our service at any time, day or night. And background music for video as well. And last but not least this is due to the existence of a variety of Royalty Free licenses – they guarantee a certain degree of free when we bring this background music for video to our projects.


If we just imagine that a modern person has been taken away this incredible opportunity to upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites and share videos with other modern people, can we somehow distinguish him from that dull prehistoric character with a baton? Who knows…